Ziedleju pirts vasarā

A place where to inherit strength, inspire yourself and share to the nearest ones

Ziedlejas story

Truly beautiful places emerges slowly, like seasons rotate in nature’s cycle. Nature does not love rush and anxiety, nature loves to flow. Everyone’s best nature can only blossom in the natural flow, at peace within. The nearness of nature cures and nourishes power.
We are shaping a special place, where to inherit strength, inspire yourself and share it to nearest ones.

A story of pirts – Latvian nature spa

Pirts (Latvian nature spa and sauna tradition) for us, northern countries, is very special. It is not only swishing of brooms, made from local plants. In Latvian tradition pirts is source of energy, purification and sacral power. It is sacred place on its own. The ritual, which contains from consecutive and thoughtful actions, is intended to bring cleanness to body and spirit.We have constructed distinctive pirts – our nature spa and bathing house – going together with actual tendencies in contemporary architecture. So important, as to build and design very place, is to find exceptionally talented, creatively driven and recognized masters – and that is why our greatest pride is our nature spa masters.

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